About Blood Pressure

One of the requirements for blood donors is the blood pressure is within a range of systole 110-170 mmHg and diastole 70-100 mmHg. Before giving blood, doctors from the Red Cross will conduct blood pressure checks. If the blood pressure is not in the range of systole 110-170 mmHg and diastole 70-100 mmHg, then potential donors are not yet allowed to donate blood.

To maintain normal blood pressure, we have to eat healthy foods, exercise and sleep regularly. If blood pressure does not meet the blood donor requirements, it does not mean our blood pressure is not normal. Normal blood pressure for each person can be different, depending on various factors such as weight and height, medical history and other factors.

We can have further consultation with doctors regarding normal blood pressure for each of us, as well as taking appropriate treatment to keep our blood pressure normal.