Fear of Needles?

"Previously, I was always afraid when I saw needle. When my friend invited me to give blood, I was nervous because I was giving blood for the first time with a large amount. But after the first donor, I was happy because it turned out that giving blood was not as scary as I had originally thought. It turned out that only 350 mL was taken, and I am still healthy and fit. The tips is to take a deep breath before the process, believe that fear is only illusion, and prove yourself to be brave." - Anisa Maharani

Many first-time donors were afraid of needles at first, but eventually feel the process is not hurt as they thought. Here are the tips to help you in your first time of giving blood:

Focus on The ‘Reward’

Focus your mind on the positive impact that you can bring when giving blood, which is saving more lives. It is only a pinch, but it can bring long-lasting impact.

Understand The Process

You need to be faimiliar with the process. Feel free to ask or learn more on the FAQ or have a chat with Reblood.

Bring Moral Support

Most blood donors feel more comfortable and happy when they give blood together with friends or families.

Enjoy The Momment

Listening to music, talking with staffs, or closing your eyes when giving blood will help you feel more comfortable during the process.