Blood Donation Process

Before giving your blood, you need to make sure that you:

  1. are eligible to give blood
  2. follow these recomendations:
    • Drink enough water on the day of your donation
    • Eat iron-rich foods such as meats and vegetables
    • Sleep for a minimum 8 hours
  3. Add your blood donation schedule as reminder through Reblood
  4. Bring your citizenship ID for registration

If you are ready, you can give your blood on the listed schedule of your nearest blood drive unit. These are the steps you need to follow on the day:

  1. Register yourself by filling the form
  2. Health screening on your blood pressure and haemoglobin
  3. Blood donation taken for 10 - 15 minutes
  4. Enjoy the foods and drinks provided by the blood drive unit

After you give your blood, it is recommended for you to follow these to-dos:

  1. Continue to drink water throughout the day of your donation
  2. Avoid heavy-lifting activities or exercise
  3. Consume the multi-vitamin given by the blood center unit