Giving Blood While Fasting

Many of us are wondering, is it permitted to give blood while fasting? The answer is yes. We can give blood while fasting, taking into account the following matters:

  • Prospective donors are healthy people
  • Also meet the requirements as blood donors
  • Being discipline in fasting and breaking fast, before giving blood
  • Some Muslims are wondering whether someone is allowed to donate blood to someone else when he/she is fasting, according to Islamic law. Based on the Komisi Fatwa MUI Provinsi DKI Jakarta, the following are some things that need to be considered in terms of blood donation for people who are fasting:

  • Muslims are obliged to help fellow human beings who need help in positive matters, including in conducting blood donations (transfusions / transfers) for patients who need medical treatment
  • Komisi Fatwa MUI Provinsi DKI Jakarta encourages people, especially Muslims, to become routine blood donors to the local Red Cross.
  • Giving blood for people who are fasting, do not cancel or reduce the perfection of fasting for the person concerned.
  • If the donation of blood causes harm (dharar) to the donor, or causes him/her to drink before giving blood or having to eat after giving blood, then the act is not justified by Islamic teachings.
  • Let's do good and be kind by helping each other through routine blood donations at the nearest PMI. Also learn other blood donor information before going to the nearest location.