Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt to give blood?

The pain is only for a moment, like being pinched. Fear of needles is a major factor that causes many people to think that the blood donation process will hurt. Many first-time donors were afraid of needles at first, but eventually feel the process is not hurt as they thought. You can read some tips to help your first blood donation process.

What is Reblood?

Reblood is a platform to help users for giving blood routinely. Reblood gives reminders to users about the upcoming blood drives, and also rewards and points for the donors.

What can I get from Reblood?

Reblood provides features like blood drives schedule, ‘Do You Know?’ articles, and rewards to increase more awareness of blood donations. With the blood drives schedule, users can see various blood drives held in Surabaya, along with the details of the place and date.

‘Do You Know?’ articles provide information related to all things or knowledges related to blood donation, such as tips, requirements, and etc.

We also give seasonal rewards for donors registered on Reblood by exchanging points with goods / products if available.

How do I add my blood donation history on Reblood?

You can add your blood donor history by uploading a photo of your blood donation receipt or PMI card using our upload feature on your Profile page.

Do I have to be a blood donor to register at Reblood?

Not at all. We believe that everyone can help, not only by giving blood, but also being active in getting people around you to donate blood and feel all the benefits.

When can I redeem for rewards?

You can only redeem if rewards are available in certain period. Rewards are available as seasonal offering.